Rodger Schultz
2312 Hunters Square Ct.
Reston, VA 20191

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Artist Proof Gallery, Georgetown, Washington D.C. / Showing Now
The Cooley Gallery, Leesburg, VA / Showing Now
NY Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY / April 2-6
The Tower Club, Vienna, VA / April 1 -May 25

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Rodger Schultz
RAS. is a professional Visual Artist from Washington D.C. The former Graphic and Information Designer holds two 5 hour shifts a day creating Fine Art, and insists that every single thing about his art and himself is made up by others. Those with the best thoughts collect his work.

Art is a direct communiation of the Heart made manifest. Thoughts about Art are direct communication of the Mind, like what you are reading now. I am not interested in Mind.~

The highest point of the Artistic Experience is most definitely not the final product. It is in the blank slate... the void canvas... the bare plate. The height of all Art is the small Moment when the artist becomes completely empty and accesses Nothingness. It is the Apex, and all forms of expression spring from this Moment. My question is, can the Artist stay as Nothingness and still create somethingness, and remain at the Apex. My answer is, yes.~

Reston, VA / 703.380.8214 /
Born 1970, Washington D.C.

1988-1992 BFA Program, Graphic Design, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
1996 Sedona, Arizona, Sculpture Apprenticeship under Ed Beathitt

present I Am
1992-Present Fine Art Creative
2005-2010 Senior Visual, Information & Interface Designer ; AOL Inc., Dulles, VA
2003-2005 Corporate Illustrator; AOL Inc., Dulles, VA
2000-2002 Senior Graphic Designer; Exit1 Inc., Reston, VA
1993-1995 Signmaker; Red Rock Signs, Sedona, AZ

2014 Solo Show, Artist Proof Gallery, Washington D.C.
2014 Solo Show, Towers Club, Vienna, VA
2014 New York Affordable Arts Fair, New York, NY
2014 Group Show, Swatchroom Salon, Washington D.C.
2014 Group Show, Boxwood Estate Vineyard Gallery, Middleburg, VA
2014 Group Show, Artist Proof Gallery, Washington D.C.
2013 Group Show, Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA
2013 Group Show, O'neill Studios Annual Salon, Washington D.C.
2012 Group Show, Cooley Gallery, Leesburg, VA
2012 Solo Show, Cooley Gallery, Leesburg, VA
2012 Solo Show, The Dunes Gallery, Washington D.C.
2012 Group Show, O'neill Studios Annual Salon, Washington D.C.
2012 Solo Show, Sherwood Center Gallery, Fairfax, VA
2012 Art Whino, Alexandria, VA
2011 Group Show, G40 Art Summit, Washington D.C.
2011 Group Show, Modus Union Fall Salon, Washington D.C.
2011 Solo Show, Avenue Beau Sejour, Great Falls VA
2011 Charity Group Show, Lamont Bishop Gallery, Washington D.C.
2011 Charity Group Show for Japan, G2, Washington D.C.
2011 Art Whino, Alexandria, VA
2010 Group Show, Adam Lister Gallery, Fairfax, VA
2010 Solo Show and Display, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tyson's Corner VA
2010 Group Show, Modus Union Spring Salon, Washington D.C.
2010 Group Show, Modus Union Fall Salon, Washington D.C.
2008 Solo Show, Dumbarton Concert Gallery, Washington D.C.
2004 Group Show, Ropes End Biannual, Annapolis, MD
2003 Group Show, Artists Museum, Washington, D.C.
1999 Solo Show, Heartline, Sedona, AZ
1998 Two Man Show, Jackson Gallery, Sedona, AZ

Apri 2012, Sketchpad Spotlight, with Andrew Deerin, Chatham Light Media >
July 2011, Viva Tyson's Magazine, "Loving an Artist"
July 2011, Channel 9 WUSA SuperNova Profile >
June 1996, Good Times Magazine, "Demonstrating Genius: New Art Phenomenon Revealed in Sedona"

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