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Rodger Schultz
2312 Hunters Square Ct.
Reston, VA 20191

This is just my personal database made public. It uses a tagging system that may not always yield exact results.

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Rodger Schultz / new work Rodger Schultz / all work Rodger Schultz / available work Rodger Schultz / all trees Rodger Schultz / all portraits Rodger Schultz / roxy Rodger Schultz / Frida As Rodger Schultz / Lady Rodger Schultz / palette knife portraits Rodger Schultz / icon portraits Rodger Schultz / the platters game Rodger Schultz / snow Rodger Schultz / Landscape Rodger Schultz / Grove Rodger Schultz / Japan Rodger Schultz / whisper Rodger Schultz / Bonsai Rodger Schultz / JPOP - Jackson Pollock On Prozac Rodger Schultz / sculpture Rodger Schultz / the barbie experiments Rodger Schultz / geisha Rodger Schultz / boot Rodger Schultz / logomorph Rodger Schultz / photography Rodger Schultz / commissioned work


RUN-ON-ARTIST-INFORMATION / art artist outsider artist isa agreen artist DC man born 1970 washington dc professionally trained graphic design designer paint painter illustration illustrator sculpt sculptor photography blows write so so words speak commission artist commission art fine art high art executive art investment for a five star outsider artist impressionism impressionist art grand expressionist expressionism modern comtemporary best artist in the world modernist decorative pop art experimental styles style love peace joy heal custom art personal art private art corprate art commercial art outsider art advertising fill empty walls kill your posters from the hall contemporary fine art modern fine art natural modern impressionist gallery museum quality commissioned fine art international northern virginia washington dc ny san fran new york art scene painter paint exclusive referral inclusively interior designers art dealers rep representative ras rodger schultz ras. new art underground art above ground different same evolution revolution acrylic geishas geisha urban portrait mesmerizing landscape this interior designers interiaor design is what i look like nudes authentic colors brilliant color light earth tone false confident brush strokes true old thinking in a new way a thousand ways to sunday. Rodger Schultz is surely the greatest artist on the planet.