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Rodger Schultz
2312 Hunters Square Ct.
Reston, VA 20191


In 2020 RAS. joined Didi Menendez's group Poets & Artists, Hashtag Magazine and 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago.


Having command over a multitude of visual languages, RAS. is built for and specializes in Commissions, which is the way Kings and Queens do it, and so can you. It's the most rewarding and exciting way to create and purchase artwork.

Because work is commissioned beforehand, clients can choose palette, size, subject, budget range and essentially be involved as much as you desire.

Landscape - Floral - Portrait - Figurative - Abstract - Expressionism - Contemporary - Investment Work - Private Collection - Corporate Collection Decorative - Narrative - Mural


Easy. Just give us a ping via email or social media, tell us what you're thinking and we can have a creative session together about it.


The Most Simple

"Hey RAS., I'm looking for This kind of painting to fit This space for This price range... you have anything?" So simple. If you're able to send a photo of your space, we'll superimpose some samples on it, and volley back and forth until we find the winner.

Commissions from Photograph

RAS. paints from photo more than any other way, finding great joy in reinterpretting an existing image. It can be a landscape, still-life or person... the subject doesn't matter so much. The magic is in the work.

Day Painting

16x20 inch. A perfect spot to start collecting. We suggest a simple landscape from photo, or perhaps and abstract portrait.

Blank Wall

If you have blank wall or space you need the perfect work for, send us a photo of it. Include some of the surrounding decor so we can get a good sense of things and we'll volley back samples to start a creative conversation.

Whole Home or Office

There aren't many Artists available who can naturally fill and entire complex with professional work diverse enough to feel like it's multiple creators. For whatever reason RAS. is one of them.

Corporate Commissions

Corporate works are not supposed to say anything, but they can and do, emote. The can create, foster or support any intended atmosphere. Power. Creativity. Globality. Elegance. Sophistication. Revolution. Rebellion. Integrity. Innovation. Perhaps something different for different spaces. We had one CEO that wanted everyone who came into his office to feel uncomfortable. Done.

Emotional Commissions

'When someone walks into this room, what do you want them to feel?' That's essentially where this one begins and ends, yet we still have to wade through inifinty to find the right work. Well studied in how visual languages affect the psyche, this type of commission is always enjoyed.

Decor Commissions

If you're going to live or work in a space for large portions of your life, it would seem intelligent to honor that space. Make your space YOU, and say what you want it to say. Because of it's infinite nature, in order to move efficiently within the decorative processes, it's good to know your budget ranges beforehand here.

Entire Year/ Bulk Investment Commissions

If the means and there will are there, we will create an entire library of work together over the course of a year. Optimal for both Private and Corporate Collection and Gifts.


Save for Commissions where clients may choose their own budgets beforehand. the majority of RAS's work occurs between $3.50-7.00 per sq. in. Quicker works, experiments, sketches, smalls and various other works are always available and encouraged.

$640 - 36,000

Common Jumps/
$1280, 1800, 3600, 2400, 4200, 5500, 6400, 8000, 10800, 12800, 18000, $24000

Common Target Ranges by Size and Area/
2x2 ft. / 4 sq. / 2000 - 4000
3x3 ft. / 9 sq. / 4500 - 9000
4x4 ft. / 16 sq. / 8000 -16000
5x5 ft. / 25 sq. / 12800 - 25600
6x6 ft./ 36 sq. / 18000 - 36000


We partnered with Spreadshirt in 2019 in order to have work available for everyone. Unnumbered prints at fantastic quality for every space. From 8x8" to 2x3 ft., works hover around 20-$25 for larges, and span across different styles and genres to accomodate any decor.

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rodger schultz


Designed Tees & Apparel

This is just a fun design outlet that keeps me limber and loose. Started in 2019, I put one out every now and then. Designs on shirts and various products. Love on.

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rodger schultz rodger schultz