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Rodger Schultz
2312 Hunters Square Ct.
Reston, VA 20191


Artist's Proof Gallery, Georgetown, Washington DC >

Contact for Representation/ If you've found me here and think my work will be a good fit for your Gallery (outside of Washington DC), do reach out. We'd love to hear from you.


I tell my friends to own at least one piece by 2022. I don't know why. But do.

Having command over a variety of visual languages, I specialize in Commissions, which are by far the most rewarding and scary (thus fun!) way to purchase artwork. It's the way kings and queens do it, and you can too. It's fun. Fine art is the most authentically personal, loving, healing and luxurious gifts you can give yourself or someone you Love.

Landscapes - Favorite places - Places you want to be - Windows looking out into a crazy world - Portraits of People and Pets - Abstracts to that really tie the room together - Modern, Decorative, Mural etc.

Because work is commissioned beforehand, you get to choose your own budget, colors, size and essentially be involved as much as you want. Through the magic of photoshop we can take a peek at what it will look like before we even start. Simple and easy. Just give send us a mail, say hi, and we're off.


Just call. We absolutely love hearing from you. Or give us a ping via email or social media and the game is afoot.

Ultimately we need to find out two things -- the painting you want, and how much you want it to be worth. You actually only need to know one of those, and we can use that to find the other via some simple, fun exercises.


The Blank Wall

If you have blank wall, send us a pic of it. Include some of the surrounding decor so we can get a good sense of things. We have tons of paintings, and we'll volley back some that are perfect.

The Simple

If you know what you want and have your budget in mind, just lay it on the table. "Hey ras, I'm looking for this kind of painting to fit this space for this budget... you have anything?" It's that simple. If you're able to send a photo of your space, we'll superimpose some samples on it, and volley back and forth until we find the winner.

Commissions from Photograph

I love painting from photo more than real life even. For some reason it is a great joy to reinterpret an existing image. It can be a landscape, still-life or person... the subject doesn't matter so much. The joy is in the work.

Day Painting

16x20 inch. I can make a nice piece in one day. Commissioning work is scary, and that's why it's the most glorious.... but if it seems a little freaky for you, start here.


No stinkin' rules here. Let's make something up.


Prints for Every Decor. Home. Commercial. Gift. Real-Estate Staging. Good Living.

We partnered with Spreadshirt in 2019 in order to have work available for everyone. Unnumbered prints and fantastic quality. From 8x8" to 2x3 ft., works hover around 20-$25 for larges, and span old-new, portrait-lansdscape, modern-impressionist, differing in styles and genres to accomodate any decor.

Available At Our Spreadshirt Store > "

rodger schultz


This is just a fun outlet... it keeps me limber. Started in 2019, I put one out every now and then. Designs, not painting on shirts. Love on.

Available At Our Spreadshirt Store >

rodger schultz rodger schultz