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Rodger Schultz
2312 Hunters Square Ct.
Reston, VA 20191

All Paintings 508/824
JPOP - River Rock
General size

JPOP - Red Lipstick

2010 / mixed on panel / 24x24"
tags / expressionist, jpop, cells
JPOP = Jackson Pollock on Prozac These 'cells' or drops of pure color were born in 2010 and dominated most of Rodger's work for that year. They were named by Mr. Pollock himself in a dream, and whimsically presume how his work would have manifested if they had Prozac in his time. They are certainly magical, and people see in them what they need to see. Rodger says he witnesses them as instruments; musical notes and harmonic frequencies which the eye plays differently every time they are seen. If the viewer can play, or see them in the proper patterns, secrets unlock and great healing occurs.